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black people do not read instructions! we will just put some shit together from looking at the picture and guess by looking at the screws..LMAO… Wait! and will have 10 screws left over.. Lmao.. hollering “those extra ones” .. na fool.. Yo ass ain’t read NO KIND of instructions! Lol & then mad when Lil Larry falls out of the top bunk at 2:30 a.m and brake his muthafuckin NECK! Now you tryna sue Target and about to go through the whole motion.. Lmao .. You done told everybody on the block how target ain’t shit & you ain’t fuckin with ’em NO MO! When the real question is “Did you put this shit together correctly?” ..now wait for the answer

Comments on: "black people do not read instructions!" (1)

  1. Lmfaoo !

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