Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

outer town guest

Man I hate some outer-towners…you have to hide your shit from  them…They come to your house and inspect..every inch of your house…as if they ass work for customs of some sort…These muddafuckas have to be put on a leash and be monitored every freakin second..they watch you as they steal your  shit…they are a fuckin cult…They make it their biz to destroy your  home and belongings…They eat everything in sight…go thru your movie collection…Ripping you off  in your face without you knowing…It’s their profession…These home  bashers…find every way to leave your ass standing without  shit…Next thing you notice…you standing on a bare ground and no  fuckin walls…They worst than termites…So when  you get a collect call from a relative…hang the fuck up…lock  up…and ammo up…cause they coming…with one goal…& thats to leave you homeless!!!


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