Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

ready to die

Bad ass muh’fuckas! Compton Chronicles…you hear shit in the hood on  a regular…Like a fuckin soap opera…It’s Hoodtutionalize…  Another word I made up…Only in the hood you can make up shit…It’s  part of the hustle…but to hear a youngsta say “I’m ready to die like ah muh’fucka”… I mean come on…this fool only  16 years old…He done been thru shit most niggas won’t ever go thru in a life time..The hood can make you dog tired…but to  die?!… Naw bruh…I got a lot of more time to live!  I ain’t ready…and prolly never’ll be ready to die…but hopefully I’m  prepared…when I do die…cause living here could be murder!







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