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No way you wearing that

Look people… Would you want your older sister in daisy dukes… I think not! My sister is 54 years old… And have gained a few pounds in her 50’s…  Now she’s going backwards…. She never wore that shit before… & as her brother … I’m 27 years old…& my girlfriend don’t even wear em…  But she can if she wanted too… But that’s not her style… My sister friends done pumped her head up talking bout “Girl you can wear em”  they’ll look good on you… My sister legs rubbing together now… Plus she’s knock kneed… She got hips like *wrinkle pants* … And her ass has gotten dents & flatter… Hell naw …my oldest sister is not going to look like no circus clown hooker for anyone….


Comments on: "No way you wearing that" (1)

  1. stackabuck said:

    Lmao,dats nasty and ugly,to each its own tho

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