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this older lady I know, got hit on at the bar. They conversed for a while..had a few more drinks on him.. went and got a hotel room and had great sex all night and morning..
Well..come to find out .. this incredible sexy man is a whore.. a paid whore.. a hoe…a prostitute ..
He gets up with the sun & starts getting dressed.. Told the nice lady “I’ll have your total shortly and I’ll be out of your way”
•_• “TOTAL?!..what do you mean by “total”?, what is it that I’m paying you for?”
Him: “well, I bought you approximately 5 drinks @ $15.00 a piece …& we had sexual intercourse and oral sex for approximately 7 hours , $15×4=$60.. Intercourse is $100×7= &$700 + oral is an extra $100.00, so your total is…. $860.00 =)”
Her: “OMG! You’re a WHORE!..I’m not paying you for sex! I don’t have to pay for sex”
Him: “oh, you do”
Her: “& if I don’t?”
Him: “you won’t make it outside this hotel, I come with a ……. “security guard”
Her: “I don’t have $860.00 worth of cash on me!”
Him: *pulls out iPhone* “it’s ok, I accept credit cards”
..she swipes her credit card, which left her balance at $320.00.. & guess who she had to call? Her husband to pay the rest… & had to explain why her “bill at a fancy restaurant, inside of a hotel..at 8 a.m in the morning, was $320.00 & why her “co-workers” weren’t there helping with the bill”…
Her: “just give me the cash”

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