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B*tch! want it all

B*tches stop lying about you only want the normal regularities in life… The car,house,picket fence nshit… The American dream simple shit… That’s the biggest lie told since the woman was created… Bitches wants everything they think they should have and everything you got… What gets me is that, these bitches doesn’t deserve nothing more than I give them… How is it a bitch has the right to want something when they can’t do shit but, suck dick and fuck you for an overnight stay while keeping one eye open… Them bitches must think they are high maintenance nshit… Bitches actually believes sucking dick has earned them the right to a hand in marriage ,carS and a bank account. Because she figures it’s the ultimate requirement for a permanent relationship.. Funny thing tho, That shit IS good enough for me, no sense in me lying too… But, I’m speaking for most of Americas men WHEN… I said all that bullshit behind this sentence, Lol… A good Bitch for me is a GOOD looking ,gigantic ass & dick sucking,fucking bitch… And for me & those reasons .I don’t care if, that BITCH! WANT IT ALL.






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