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Hard muhf*ckas pray too

I to been in a few serious detrimental situations and survived … I needed God one night especially… But,I’m not gonna incriminate myself nor give ah muhfucka details to cold case my ass… Niggas wanna do dirt and prey on the innocent and weak muhfuckas that wannabe ballers in a big boys playing field until he get caught… Now the so-called hard wannabe is facing life-threatening long-term sentences… Now you’ll see that muhfucka attending church 7 days a-week ,cause he falling weak because of the aftermath of it all… Too late muhfuckas … You gonna have to bow down and face the consequences … Now you scare of becoming the bitch nigga you already knew thats in you… Niggas! You muhfuckas ain’t tough… You see your Moms & Dads in court watching you sweat… The C/O’s told us behind bars how them scare ,But! So-called HARD MUHFUCKAS PRAY TOO.



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