Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

I haven’t heard from cousin R.P… This muhfucka might be dead and he didn’t know it,Lol…I’m gonna have to call that nigga he’s MIA for now…. I know because I haven’t heard from him & he would have called me first.I’m gonna KILL HIM DEAD TIL HE DIE … Ronnie know gotdamn well to call me…It’s July our fishing tour time… I know he’s not mad about when he tried to sink my boat or when he yelled @ the deer during hunting season scaring the deer off… Maybe he’s slightly angry about his boots my dog had baby-sit for him without his permission… If he’s alive he’s got one-day after reading this to contact me or like I said I’m gonna fuck off that boy and then others are going to wonder WHERE IS RONNIE P,AGAIN?



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