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The Bachelorette

The other bullshit Americas top show… I don’t want to come off as being label a racist nshit but fuck whatcha think… But,Black people are going to marry whomever they choose that wishes to marry them without all that whoring shit,she’s fucking and tongue slobbing nshit all them mouths we all see on national television … I watched this nasty bullshit while it was on TV at my biracial friend house in case you muhfuckas wants to finger point and say he doesn’t like White or half-white people… I don’t like all people who are fucked up regardless of your nationality… Black people are the realist people when it comes to finding their mate… What adult gonna let their parents dictate and pick their mate? And fuck all that TV lucky winner type shit… Fuck that! You are the one who has to live with your TV hand-picked muhfucka not your parents… That dumb bitch said if her mother doesn’t approve of Mr. Fake sorry crying ass,he’s out… My parents aren’t fucking who I want nor does they know my girl as well as I do… Fuck another of Americas stupid reality television… Fuck the BACHELORETTE .



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