Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

bachelorette pt.2

Here are more crucial facts about these confused stupid bitches… Why would any man marry any of these contestants on the show they’ve slept with muhfuckas and been licked and sucking each other than onto the next man… This is a bitch looking for a husband… American TV  does not ever surprise me…  These hand-pick hoes are pimped by the networks and programmed to a specific day they choose to marry the couple.  And the parents gives the unknown future son-in-law they’ve met a week before marriage their ungodly blessings …Be real muhfuckas this is modern-day pimping for TV brainwashed muhfuckas only in America giving you another example how fucked up they are. .. Again, I can give you more dirt on theses nasty poor looking bitches but I won’t for now… Dumb bitches pretending to love and just embedded her tongue in twenty-five nasty men ..she’s a multiple dick licking BACHELORETTE PT.2



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