Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Why come muhfuckas without jobs are always wondering what time it is and never wears a watch… What business possibly could this muhfucka have where time is a factor when it’s nobody of importance they need to see… Funny shit! A muhfucka rides with you to tag along for the heck of it nshit… Then this nigga all of a sudden has a time frame to-do nothing but has a need to keep up with the time… I asked a nigga once on skit road ” Nigga what’s your hurry ” He said ” nothing, just wanna know the time ” I couldn’t say shit but respect his honesty… But these broke muhfuckas that can’t lift a pan to hustle and are able need to shut the fuck up and stop asking me shit… Look muhfuckas DON’T WORRY ABOUT THE TIME



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