Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

My execs want to see me out on the town one more time… I been thinking about it… Fuck it! I’m gonna post my debut on Facebook so I can get the usual royal treatment as I have in the past on that side of the country like I get on this side…  Let me get hype and gear up and wrap my dick up & possibly strap up to protect myself from too many scandalous & plotting, dirty women with killa moves during a fuck fest nshit and plus I gotta watch jealous niggas too, all in one nite… You niggas don’t know how I rolled.. but the ladies do.Way to much shit happens when I’m out…
That’s why I have second thoughts @ times,trying to honor all these women wishes… Besides I didn’t promise you bitches shit… I said ” I MIGHT GO OUT ONCE MORE “.



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