Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Now ya know

How many times have I said ” I says anything ” rather it’s racist or not… I’m not a racist tho I earn the right to be if I was hateful nshit…I’m a realist discussing real life shit from all race prospective good,bad and the ugly… Keep reading I’m like narcotics motherfuckers… Is that said ‘ white enough for ya ‘… Now thats streotype and a racist slur… See how easily I say shit and it won’t hurt one muhfucka cause its safely said in a forum everybody understands,this is blogging and this blog is partly bullshit just to show how we can get along even tho what’s been said here and won’t be said outside of this blog site… It’s like Las Vegas here at Trashbaggage… The rule apply the same.Obey this rule this way we won’t riot… NOW YA KNOW.



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