Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Sun beaming

…muhfuckas got California sun living here in Arkansas burning … I’m in the Hog state doing it down south style like a real country boy, not like that bullshit Hee Haw shit… Soul food and fresh outdoor living ,the life a city muhfucka dream about for fun I’m living it…  I would invite you wild west side niggas but unfortunately we use guns to hunt game not that gang bang shit to kill…  I’m not a killa, I’m a real hunter …. You few muhfuckas I deal with are welcome this winter to come hunt… Nothing for you muhfuckas right now but dirty muddy fishing fun. After dark you city niggas wouldn’t understand what goes on down here ,so stay where you are cause it’s really hotter here In Arkansas than California… Nigga!!! This shit here ,right here nigga its hot as hell. Hey Muhfuckas! In Arkansas, the Devil got the SUN BEAMING



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