Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Yall ain’t missed

I’m sick of you burnt out light very bright like white bitches acting like yall the shit… I’ll let you hoes know who’s the shit…  Look @ cha ,needle shots, lip sticking your thin lips to appear like you have big lips nshit and swelling your asses with donka donk shots nshit… Jump starting your breast with over-size huge implants then spend your money on hip-hop dance lessons imitating real Sistas…  Listen up Sista Snow flake, I’m sure you are some nice bitches… But, I’m not the guy for you and my name isn’t Mandingo or Django tho the D is silent… I’m Sir Sly1, and Hey Muhfuckas!!! Hell Naw!!!  YALL AIN’T MISSED



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