Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

White n*ggas

…actually niggas have no color barrier…any and everybody is niggareable and it’s acceptable to all those that are volunteers to be proud non prejudicial niggas… Don’t get angry you intelligent articulating activist nshit like you never said nigga… Listen if being a nigga doesn’t apply to you then don’t fucken trip over something that isn’t pertaining to you… You all say nigga amongst yourselves so fuck it… It’s definitely not a strong enough word worth you killing each other… Most muhfuckas are acting as niggas like it’s a badge of honor ,Black,White and Mexicans and all the other nationalities that want to be official niggas,it’s not a black thang, that would be stereotyping the real black people who aren’t associated with the word… You should hear them proud poor ass WHITE NIGGAS.



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