Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

” F*ck that sh*t! “

I’m on my own with my own situations in life with my own rules and in-house Constitution living in America and still haven’t progress where I should be and you muhfuckas thinks I have time for your bullshit you gotta be stupid to believe that… Life is a bitch so far, the struggle is getting more harder to juggle … It’s extremely more difficult dealing with the likes of those that are in power who looks like me that grew with the same hoodlum conditions and now are high power executives and still continuing to look us off as if they are shame of us and now chaos occurs the only formula is people wanting to riot to have law and order for us to receive progress and bringing productivity for our own… Whatever happen to self-preservation nshit… I guess America is telling us loud & clear in our faces ” FUCK THAT SHIT! “.



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