Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Okay! Now what?

I hear shit and see you bitches around the way nshit and in your cars passing me purposely in the other lanes nshit… I got love for you girls so why not wave at me with the index finger-pointing at me working your finger like come to mama motion like you want me… It’s possible I want you too… Who knows girl if you don’t attempt to say something… Fuck whatcha peers think or your so-called friends cause they ain’t shit… Them cold nasty bitches will try to fuck me behind your back… So the hell with them and do you & me…. I gotcha girl ,I’m with the whole let’s go fuck and say goodbye… Don’t be shy cause you ain’t… Get @ me girl Asap!!! I want you just like you want the dick… OKAY! NOW WHAT?



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