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I love kids.I have a grown child… Nowadays I’m on chill mode when it comes to kids.. My mind-set is to be left alone & no kids right now.. I’m whereis I only want kids around me when I have the energy, not when kids wants to be bother with me… What younger adults don’t understand once you been through all that childhood raising kids nshit you only want to be in peace after from all that noise nshit… Your patients aren’t as durable anymore… Kids works your nerves after the age of 50 years … Kids are high energy and hard-headed and especially boys are way too much to tolerate at any age… They start feeling their dominance and look forward of testing that shit on you… I don’t need that shit in my life…Right now I’m able to send kids back where they come from when I’m done with them… I don’t want no responsibility dealing with nobody KIDS



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