Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

I had to say this sh*t

True shit! A young woman late twenties got in my face and said I hate your blogs, I thought that was okay cause she reads them… I didn’t mind she was expressing how she felt… Then she goes onto say how she thinks I contradict myself in some of my blogs… I tried explaining to her ,I blog randomly from all people of all nationalities perspective… I told her not everything that’s blogged isn’t about me/you or anyone. I even create people that isn’t real from any situation, creating predicaments too …I tries to be creative in lots of blogs on all topics of every category on life and of this world… She could only see ONETHING one-sided and that was it… I won’t go into her gray areas about her prospective on race barriers about things she says are white like and why blacks should do things like white people it gotten to stupid to elaborate on… I’ll end here, I’ve already said enough about her … I HAD TO SAY THIS SHIT.



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