Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Real pimping

…not that nigga who beats women for control because he has no intellectual dialogue to earn respect nor a woman’s love & trust..  Not that nigga thinking serving an Illegal substance altering weaklings personalities changing behavior patterns & got muhfuckas acting combative nshit… Not that nigga thinking he’s prospering as if hoodlism is in demand returning mega profits and it’s not… These niggas thinking they are negotiating law makers and implementing amendments as if they created a new constitution and wanting to govern over the people and then try to enslave them to their doctrine, fools Pimpology… Listen nigga that street pimp bullshit is outdated just like your idol Huggy boy… Muhfuckas are legitimately hustling Corporate America with REAL JOBS & IDEALS doing mega business…  That’s REAL PIMPING.



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