Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Don’t say sh*t

Keep your ignorant thoughts to yourself muhfuckas cause I will annihilate you right here & now online…it will be a verbal assassination while thousands will witness live a murder because of your foolish and outlandish assumptions thinking you got merit to speak about me with your stupidity… You muhfuckas took it upon yourselves thinking it would be some sort of entertainment in front of my LARGE media over 175,000 readers and subscribers to humiliate me wanting to shame me and that of course was your biggest mistake to fuck with Mr. Trashbaggage himself… Think! Muhfuckas ,why in the hell you thought that would be wise… Now you know I’m not to be fucked with by no means at all… This is a warning alert for only the next 12 hours and afterwards if you muhfuckas having grasp onto the warning then clinch onto someone fat to hide behind because the massacre is about to happen… I told you muhfuckas not to be thinking you can insult me using derogatory remarks and filthy language nshit… If you are smart at all, then DON’T SAY SHIT.



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