Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

illustrious one

…that I am cause niggas made me that as I stormed all over the state’s when niggas like Ricky Ross back when and other kingpin figures was boss making gangland cash getting paid world-wide. I was that nigga on the back burner stacking and wasting blood,sweat and time on hoes tricking large bills nshit like I was playboy Hue Heff at his mansion… Niggas was navigating through strange places we never thought exists until we was in it and making power moves taking neighborhood Projects and housing low-income pay checks & decks of food stamps… We owned muhfuckas on the 1st & 15th of every month without complications from any residents we had real goons that’ll put them hands on ya… Muhfuckas was slaves to the fullest we were hood rich niggas leaving a path of an ending economy without a foundation to rebuild on cause it was destroyed and pure hell & a heavy price have been paid for lots of us after that life… You see my popularity isn’t to be glorify because of the horrific results when we arrived and ending it all in a few years …Niggas,gangsters and drugs took over and took out hundreds of thousands of families and the exact muhfuckas that initiated the game… That’s how I got to be the ILLUSTRIOUS ONE.



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