Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

The movie

Funny thing, I talked with family from the 310 & 562 and like me they haven’t seen the movie yet… They prolly felt as I have no free time yet… Everybody got jobs now,Lol…  But, like me I’m sure they are going to support the home-town movie… Again I say we are the movie before the fame before N.W.A brought the attention to the world… But honestly the OG’s had the city name ringing out across state lines cause we invaded and plagued the country on a negative note of truth… Crack/Kush and that Wet Daddy liquid dip wacky shit didn’t land on you first,Compton landed on you muhfuckas with the shit before yall knew what hit yall… Nasty business it was and left cities with casualties & victims of circumstances and substance abuse…  Kids were born everywhere from Compton niggas during the early years when terror reigned on you muhfuckas in many states we had bomb rushed for profit… It was us young fearless hungry getting rich over night niggas who didn’t give a fuck niggas doing nasty hardcore business crashing your neighborhoods traveling thousands of miles first class flights like rock stars fucking your hoes wiring money to our bitches we made families with before THE MOVIE.



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