Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

The sake of your children

Distasteful and disgraceful bitches in the streets shaking ass & sucking dick for favors and she’ll say something stupid like she’s ” on the grind getting mines big time ”  I know real bitches that wouldn’t go out like that… They’ll make a business out of fucking and sucking dick making a nigga like me a client,Lol… I’m not a trick just because if I was to buy clinical tested certified professional pussy. But luckily and unfortunate I don’t have to… But for future reference its a sure possibility I won’t hesitate to purchase a good rose fragrant piece of pussy… But for you nasty street favorable working hoes exposing yourselves publicly is just straight out wrong…. Keep your asses in the house making real hoes look bad that has children… Please stay out the view of others do it for THE SAKE OF YOUR CHILDREN.



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