Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Bongs & zigzags

This synthetic shit people smoking isn’t Herbs no more it’s sprayed & cut which isn’t my reason why I stopped smoking Kali after thirty-five years ago when weed tasted like candy and wasn’t growed with human feces as fertilized… I remember when we paid five dollars for a four finger wide wax sandwich bag of home-grown green and tasty weed and based the bong bottom with Red Ripple wine for flavor so when you took a big pulled you got extra kick to get a mellow high… We didn’t smoke to fall out and not be aware of our surroundings and be fucken unconscious …We smoked in groups cause everybody had a dolla on it and the wine and we rolled all of them up first before blazing one joint rolled in loud yellow or white zigzags…. We didn’t do blunts nshit like these youngsters today… We puffed everything in BONGS & ZIGZAGS.



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