Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage


…this almost a totally True story! This bitch says she don’t like yellow wrapped Jolly Ranchers in the big variety pack and she bought em…. Then she says I can visit her only twice a week cause I pester her, isn’t that some bullshit? After she has been visiting me every day without being invited nshit… I just told her seconds before you read this I want just as much of the same candy she bought herself & them bad kids, they plots shit too much anyway can’t trust em especially the little girl…. Now I’m gonna have to bomb on her ass with some Chocolate Whoppers and Rope her ass with Strawberry Twist and bust her head with her own Jolly Ranchers, even the nasty ones she says in the yellow wrappers… And because my candy isn’t like theirs… Don’t bring no more candy here gotdamit… Bitch! This isn’t CANDYLAND.



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