Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

She cost a lot

…you can’t afford a woman like this… Nigga, she want fast boat rides, sea food at market prices unheard of & sipping a bottle of an early year vintage wine you can’t pronounce while being chauffeured in a compact luxury car …Clothes off the skins of minks ,shoes matching out your price range…  Set of Diamonds & Earrings paired off every day… She speaks English fluently using perfect pronunciations… She’s medium height with a petite frame fine as a muhfucka & chocolatey… She has a very significant career and a Man to fit unlike you pants sagging muhfuckas, sneaker pimp niggas still curve serving nickel rocks & dime bags of bullshit… Every man wants a classy woman that knows exactly what she wants at least once in life…  Dudes with taste don’t give ah fuck about SHE COST A LOT.



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