Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage


R.I.P big MO …what the fuck is I’m missing niggas calling themselves O.G’s and they are nineties and later years babies… Muhfuckas with Similac milk breath wearing skinny jeans and the NEW PINK Chuck Taylors… How it is these young niggas figure that shit… it must be these new twisted brain killing designer drugs nshit…  No offences young bucks, but last time I checked we started something that was strictly for hustlers before it was a gang & becoming from what we built positive before you muhfuckas turning everything into the destructive shit you muhfuckas made worse than it ever been today… The first members are the original muhfuckas… Respect your elders, we probably are some of you muhfuckas parents and we ran with your parents and like us,some of them are the only real O.G’s



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