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Thinking things over

I sit here in my fold up ready Togo chair at any given moment in case I get upset and need to vanish the premises going to my domain… I look at how exactly my life is and where I plan Togo soon and I can’t tell you how it’s looking… I’m a guy from a great parenting environment and now in a place where I hope can be as good as or better than what I had… I need to be sure of any moves I make… My life need to be on solid ground without silliness and immature shit. I can’t even imagine silly shit from any woman any more at my age…  I’m a grown man with more than 35 years of experience and an adult child… How any muhfucka with less experience challenge that… Hey! You best believe a muhfucka will say something trying to convince me they know what’s best for me though they are still growing up into whatever shapes them… I’m no fucken tutor directing muhfuckas lives in a direction I think fits… So, much is on my mind and I’m still sitting here THINKING THINGS OVER.



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