Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Nut scratchers

 …dudes are always scratching nshit in public being perverted in from of young children … Muhfuckas has no manners or respect for others… niggas grown ,nasty from birth no guidance without proper parenting… Muhfuckas born in a barn nshit with animals like themselves,but no fucken instincts… How is it a grown mannerable muhfucka would do shit in public and consciously knowing its fucked up sexual gyrations motions some molestation type shit aim at children …All this inappropriate behavior to get the attention of a girl thinking that’s attractive to draw himself a date wishing for sex immediately afterwards… Sick muhfuckas are everywhere just like these fleas & tics nut grabbing infested muhfuckas probably nasty from sock itch masturbation and not bathing nshit… Damn shame!!! NUT SCRATCHERS.



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