Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

You gay!!!

Dudes need to go wrestle a bear or something to prove their male dominance to their girl and boyfriend with their sissy selves… Stop pretending your behavior is all man and we all know you gay… If that’s your preference then so be that… But don’t come around us acting like you aren’t feminine nshit, T-shirt tied off at the waist and eye shadow thick like war paint, we can see that shit and hear that hissing sound in your voice no base….  Niggas flipping their hair, licking their lips in a dickhead suck it motion… Niggas wearing much tighter skinny jeans & nuts bulging, face raining black gel through powder make up…Muhfuckas has press on sprinkle pink dotted nails nshit… Yelp! Niggas  YOU GAY!!!



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