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Black history

…there are so much historic lessons lost & hidden from black people and the world that is captured all the time. Today you can’t find everything that’s historical about black people… Black people history goes onto infinity no end… You would have to know God arrival in order to know when a Blackman stepped his foot on earth and if not elsewhere first… The oldest continent in the world is Africa and by being the oldest, meaning it’s the first land ever appear and known to man throughout history today… You can hate the truth all you want… But, you can’t hide it forever… Everything that exists had to start somewhere first and that’s Africa from God to the birth of Jesus to man… This also should explain why there are other nationalities which all starts with black first rather it’s Asian, Hispanic, Caucasian or Anglo-Saxons. and all others.. Listen to this, you can prove this to niggas and other black people and they’ll still be in denial because they rather believe that Jesus was white and they’ll blast you though you have facts to prove different that every human race came from a Blackman first, Its written also said that God made man out of his own image, what does that tell you muhfuckas and you know the black man was here first… We have only begun to scratch the surface of history because it can’t be any history of no mankind without BLACK HISTORY.



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