Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Facebook ruin you

Look at yourselves haven no real reason to Facebook other than post a picture and show your ass full of battle scares and mosquitos bites & making no money… Bitches advertising trap infested pussy and still penniless… Silly bitches got a few comments from some nothing niggas that blown their minds into believing she’s a hot chick… Broke niggas with broken dreams making vulnerable bitches promises they can’t keep…  Bitches with no plans and procrastinating ambition… That’s a bitch going nowhere but to bed with another dick in her ass with another promising nigga… You silly bitches still be posting shit with cum spots on your face and left with an inbox full of notifications niggas asking can they fuck your dumbasses too…. See what social media does with stupid bitches… You’ll learn how FACEBOOK RUIN YOU…



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