Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Stars on twitter

Hey common folk don’t worry you are still what makes Twitter tweet… Listen up! They don’t know you but they see your tweets rather they give a fuck or not… I personally don’t give a fuck about stars tweets nshit… I’ll tweet them muhfuckas same as I tweet you cry baby muhfuckas… Yall get upset because you tweet a famous muhfucka and they won’t acknowledge you as a real tweeter nshit… Okay,you aren’t known by nobody plus you aren’t a famous muhfucka… It’s okay that you muhfuckas are plain common folks nshit… Me on the other hand is self-made online with a little fame with low-budget income dollars compared to my Twitter comrades, the stars…. Fuck em! They don’t interact with us because they aren’t like us anymore which is understandable for me, they’re on a different level and life has increased on a much higher level .So ,right now its just us and we don’t have to bitch about not being STARS ON TWITTER.



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