Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Token muhf*ckas

They are over populating rapidly everywhere beyond the turnip trucks and corn fields… Guess what they all aren’t Negros any more … The Mexicans have taken over cotton fields too… Don’t say shit muhfuckas you know it as well as I do… Now, do I to have to die from telling the truth… Come on my brown brothers have a heart like we had for so many years holding that title put on us,tho some of us earned it too… Why not let you have something you rightfully earned from us…Snitching on everybody from the job place to the confession booths… This shit is seriously fucked up after all the shit we shared throughout poverty side by side… Now that you are over populating the globe you turnt your backs on us leaving us for your bosses to do us in… Unlike you , we still fuck with you tho… But you honestly took the crown for TOKEN MUHFUCKAS.



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