Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Unorthodox sh*t

How is it I can get pussy and whatever else I want from these smart alec bitches,not that I’m a pimp nshit and she won’t give up one dollar to a homeless,hungry muhfucka… Niggas will pay to eat pussy til the stop watch says time up ,but he won’t help pay bills for his girlfriend & child at home… A nigga will play video games on his girlfriend couch & inviting all his bum friends,but won’t clean or cook for her at least one time when she get home after working two-hard shifts… Niggas will clean and shine his girlfriend car to show off with his homies and won’t buy a dollar of gas and blames her it’s an empty tank afterwards… A girl will fuck and suck a broke nigga dick and flip off a real man with a job & good money and she’ll call him uppity nshit because he’s an educated and working man with his own everything…This clearly is some UNORTHODOX SHIT.



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