Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

One woman

You heard me Muhfuckas! Why not ? Niggas can’t afford to be players especially when you Niggas got no game and don’t know the rules that apply to the game . Po fake pimps are the perfect description of you Nike sneaker wearing Muhfuckas wannabe players . You Niggas aren’t bank-rolled enough to play . Let me enlighten you fools. Anytime you got to pull a bitch you aren’t that guy . Bitches choose who they want to be loyal too . You Niggas better off with blunts in your mouths like the smoked out Niggas you are and if you think you’re that Nigga , then look in your pockets right now and throw a stack at the bitch and let her know it’s more where that come from and that you’ll put her ass to work . Niggas , this one is on the house.If any more advice I give y’all ,it will cost you all your lives for being the fool ass Niggas you all are.Embarrassing yourselves thinking you got game . Do as I say stupid Muhfuckas and save yourselves the stress cause y’all don’t measure up to Pimpology . Niggas , You all are better off having ONE WOMAN .



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