Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

” Prove it “

 What gives these garbage barrels maggots the audacity to ask any Muhfucka ” who you keep company with in your house ” I remember my cousin saying this exact shit to his brother who is living off of him without a job and no unemployment benefits of any kind as I blog this shit . The younger brother told his brother ” I can get a job whenever I feel like it ” . That Nigga shouldn’t have never said that shit because now, big brother felt like his brother is using him when he came there in need of a place to stay after he lost his last job . Little brother hasn’t worked since 6 months ago living off big brother . After big brother finished kicking little brother ass , big brother told him he got one week to get a job or get the Fuck out . Little brother said ” Nigga I’ll get two jobs in that length of time ” big brother said ” PROVE IT ” .



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