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A woman’s son

It’s true! Boys without fathers are different than boys with fathers and boys with step fathers are a hard task . Boys with only a mother to raise are a bit softer, rather mother’s believe it or not, it’s true . This isn’t in any way to say your son won’t be successful he’s going to have issues he can’t resolve from a man’s perspective because of being raised by a woman . He has a woman train of thought handling matters in MOST cases . He’s not mental manly ready . He can play sports Nshit , but life issues are harder for him to cope with not the mentality of a thinking man . I won’t dare to say he’s a sissy , but he is somewhat of a cry baby cause he’ll run to his mama like she still has a breast in his mouth . Mothers treat their sons like girls & babies and she’ll be offended when is noticed by everyone . True shit ! Fuck the fact she can’t face the truth just look @ your sons & look at a son with a father . Step fathers rarely get 100% support trying to father a step son . It’s a tricky & sort of fucked up deal to where’s that family will have to choose and go on without you, leaving her son fatherless again . Believe it when it comes to A WOMAN’S SON.



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