Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Lack of attention

Nobody wants to hear your thoughts out-loud Nshit . Nobody cares about your small life experiences you feel the need to share with Muhfuckas isn’t interested . I’m a person that was around the country and had plenty exposure and seen more in a year than you will in a lifetime you hick town Muhfuckas . Fuck you ! People don’t have to mention where they’ve been and did or trying to prove all of my accomplishments to Muhfuckas like yourselves . People can see you had multi- exposure . There isn’t no comparison between me and you small minded Muhfuckas . I’ve been taught by the best teachers , my parents with the help of others most are educators , unfortunately I lacked some education especially in writing . But , I don’t need to talk shit like I’m the shit and whatever I say is God or law . Fuck you wannabe important Muhfuckas cause you won’t ever convince me that you are bigger than you . Niggas , act like you got so much going on and don’t got shit but LACK OF ATTENTION .



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