Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

F*ck your apology

This tickles the shit out of me when white people act as if they don’t make mistakes or never @ fault for shit . I don’t give Ah fuck whatever it is ,especially road rage or on the job screwing up shit . If a white person said it’s okay for whatever was accidentally done ,they’ll see it as an error on you and forgiving you for some bullshit they do . They really believe they aren’t wrong with nothing and will look at you like what the fuck is the problem . That’s the kind of behavior will get your ass kick and have a Muhfucka feeling revengeful Nshit ,thinking about ROOTS the movie . When shit like that happens and you blame us for it. I remember why Muhfuckas becomes racist Nshit . I’m not a racist ,but I am somewhat prejudice . And for that …fuck you too! And in case you want to say ” Sorry! ” FUCK YOUR APOLOGY ” .



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