Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Mushy nsh*t!

I hate grown unnecessary sentiment Muhfuckas whining about little shit . Men are bitchy too , thinking they hard cause they are males . Fuck these punk ass muhfuckas . Dick sucking , anal poking Muhfuckas crying about they gay rights Nshit . Look Muhfuckas you’ve already established your claim to society what else is there . I don’t want to see men kissing on television . Especially , watching television with my children and explaining to them, who two hairy beards wearing Muhfuckas are kissing . Now you’re accusing me of gay bashing because I’m being opinionated about something I don’t agree with . Well , Fuck you all too ! Gay guys are probably mad. Oh well, get over it and fuck it ! I guess you Muhfuckas are starting to feel MUSHY NSHIT!



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