Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

who you are

Toys for big boys . I got two boats , nice car . I inherited a nice house and 15 acres of property and working two jobs and got hustle and I’m still grounded . All that to say nothing . I’m doing what I got to do to survive and a slave to unnecessary material shit , like big boy toys . That shit doesn’t make me . All the extras are exactly that for pleasures that aren’t necessities . We love them . This the UN-affordable shit we slave over to look good for the eyes of those are misfortune . No opportunities shared because of your ungrateful and selfish asses looking down on them , You Muhfuckas with smirks on your faces saying to yourselves ” they wish they can have this too ” . But , Nigga you forget shit isn’t yours , cause you work hard to make payments to show off and entertain the people more than yourselves . I know better cause I have seen it all before . I have family morals & values . I respect all people regardless of their conditions & financial status . Big toys , Muhfucka we struggle to pay for & display to look better than you and imagining you can’t afford them . None of this shit should define WHO YOU ARE .



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