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 I grew up Islamic attending the mosque first , then onto a public school where I learned American history of world famous liars , murderers , rapist , and thieves . All were slave owners like the founding fathers of a stolen renamed land the United States . Then , I was asked to join church but , I told them I don’t play with the word or do I follow devilishly doctrine , meaning the trickery teaching how pastors dictate & uses verses from a book that’s been rewritten several editions and feeding misinterpretations to slave mentality minds to govern over a herd being guided to an altar of cash only entries , sacrificing everything they own . These are the very Muhfuckas , real enemies because of the brainwashing ways of dictatorship for self prosperity . Why ask a Muhfucka like myself something & you know what I’m about and where I come from with my background on religious principles I stand . Well , if , these muhfuckas felt the need to ask , It’ll be like before when others had asked me to JOIN CHURCH.

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