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Remember that shit back when . Was that a fucken nursery rhyme ? Rub- a dub – dub , three men in a tub . Think for a quick second . Was this rhyming intended for children . If , so , how ? These are three grown ass men together in a tub & you know @ the time this rhymed was created they couldn’t of been black authors . We couldn’t take credit for shit throughout history at no time back then and barely now . Besides , this shit sound exactly like San Francisco , California .Up scale white society type shit . Bath houses were popular then and that’s when Gays were called Queers in hiding . They hangout in bath tubs wasn’t called Jacuzzi’s . This definitely sounds like some fuckery shit !!! three gay Muhfuckas or not whichever it is . Listen to the sound of that title nshit and you determine that shit was meant for children . RUB-A-DUB-DUB.



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