Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Find you!!!

Don’t get done for pay Muhfuckas , It’s Niggas out here booking first class flights & before you know it ,someone is at your door after Google earth your asses . Nigga , I will tell you only so much online . So , I won’t incriminate myself . Just , so you’ll know Muhfuckas , It’s Niggas like you can keep a Niggas pockets fat . Say your prayers and stay out my lane , because I would hate for your family to suddenly have family problems cause of your own stupidity . You Muhfuckas really need to know , be careful how you choose to feed your family at another Muhfuckas expense . That shit could become complicated . Fuck up & believe it . Spenser for hire , But , Hawk is gunning for you for real . You Niggas stupid , every body don’t live your fairy-tale bullshit . It’s real Hawk type Niggas out here . If he doesn’t visit you , best believe the money will help the next Nigga FIND YOU !!!



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