Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

My pee chee folder

The realists Niggas had Pee Chee folders , cause its the book of love & contacts and biography , photo book and autographs of the infamous campus Muhfuckas . It’s the folder of signatures of commitment to all your girlfriends and future prospects . Students got their ass whoop over a Pee Chee folder looking through it . You don’t fuck with another Muhfuckas folder it’s a Niggas lifeline Nshit . Niggas had to get consent to pass a Nigga his folder from across the classroom if he accidentally left it on someone else’s desk . A Pee Chee folder was a Niggas sanctuary , fuck ! if homework was in it . Niggas confessions were written & enclosed in his Pee Chee folder . If you were seen with someone Pee Chee folder you need to have proof you are authorized to carry it . Niggas drew creative art likely Egyptians did on the inside walls of tombs . Never put your nasty fucken hands on a Nigga Pee Chee folder and not to expect a fight . I would have killed a Muhfucka over MY PEE CHEE FOLDER



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