Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

P*ssy galore

Everywhere It’s all I see , I can’t get enough . Pussy pussy pussy running like Niagara Falls. I feel the need to dive into and rinse my body completely wet in pussy . I love black pussy . Pussy power is the one power won’t ever lose its power . Pussy can rule the world without economic power . Pussy so powerful most kingdoms throughout history fail in someone protecting pussy . The hardest hustler grinds to get more pussy .Guys show off to get pussy . We work for pussy . We eat pussy! Niggas lives & die over pussy everyday & lies about money over pussy, when he died for that very saying , pussy was the issue as usual . It’s traditional for Niggas to live and breathe pussy . Pussy is the greatest tool for motivation . Pussy makes a Muhfucka move, especially a lazy Muhfucka . Pussy has the oldest price tag and the most expensive price tag . Niggas acts like a pussy . Pussy has a power second to God . Money third . Believe it or not Muhfuckas check the history of pussy . Nigga , pussy got you here . Pussy enslaves you Muhfuckas . The result after a good fucked is what brings you back for more pussy . I love it . It’s everywhere in every corner of the world it’s PUSSY GALORE .



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