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Retro phone late nite talks

I’m sitting here reminiscing about home phones as an early teen how I would sneak the phone in my bedroom @ bedtime whispering about my girlfriend now baby mama . Best years of growing up . We would talk and sleep , then bust from sneaking after being told not to get on the black big circle dial phone & those long 20 foot cords . You could always know who had the phone with them , following the cord to their room door . Sometime you would have to dial slow and quietly in case someone listening to you dial that fast circled turning phone rotary dial . It was loud . Everybody knew the phone being used . If , You were to dial too slow you had to push the disconnect buttons to radial . Fuck! I’m glad they got rid of them bulky Muhfuckas, they weighted too & a woman’s weapon . It had its days in our lives . It was a mandatory device in its time . Say goodbye to RETRO PHONE LATE NITE TALKS .



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